z purlins

we are z purlin manufactures based in Newcastle Upon Tyne and have been rollforming steel building products for more than 20 years, our range of steel sections are based around the steel construction and roof cladding industry,

we manufacture cold rolled metal purlins of various sizes and thickness, our z section purlins, steel cee sections, cladding rails and eaves beams are made from high tensile - hot dipped galvanised steel and are made to any length, we also make sagbars and a complete range of purlin accessories such as z purlin sleeves which are punched perfectly to suit the z purlins, we also make steel cleats with holes to match and a host of assosiated products to support the structural steel industry,

For the industrial roofing and cladding industry we manufacture box profile & corrugated roofing, steel roofing sheets, roof liner panels, side wall cladding sheets, ridgibar roof spacer system, we stock roof light filons to suit all our roofing sheet profiles and a massive range of tek screws for all industrial roofing and cladding applications
please call 0191 2672900 for a price, we have massive z purlin capacity to fill & can manufacture z purlins between 70mm -350mm deep to any length, punched, notched ready for collection next day! or deliverey    no one can beat our service


steel roof sections for metal fabricators cee section purlins for mezzanine flooring z purlins cladding rails made from galvanised steel fitting roof rails to a large building thin gauge purlins are cost effective roof purlin cleats roof purlins made to length z purlins c shaped purlins roof z bars zed purlins

purlins and use

Galvanised steel purlins are usually a major part of a steel framed building and are generally manufactured from high tensile steel which is then roll formed into a particular shape,
roof purlins can be either cee, zed, or sigma shaped, the steel sections can be used as side wall purlins or cladding rails, they are all very strong for their
weight and different shaped sections have different structural properties, these properties are a mathematical equation which represents the shape and strength of the steel
a structural engineer will use these structural properties and work out what size section or what type of purlins you may need to satisfy any roof support condition.
years ago the main type of roof purlins was either timber purlins or hot rolled steel angle, these are still used to day but not in a big way, as timber purlins have to be treated
for all sorts of complications like wood rot and insect infestation where as the hot rolled steel angle roof purlins are too simply heavy to handle and are difficult to fix materials to
or drill into to.
cold rolled steel purlins became pretty much standard almost 30 years ago and have changed little in shape from the zed and cee shapes, what has changed though is the tensile
strength of the steel that is used in the forming of roofing purlins or cladding rails, tensile strengths such as Z29, Z35 Z39 and now as of 2013 Z45 seems now to be standard.
Though most purlin manufacturers have upgraded to the Z45 steel they have reduced the size of the purlin section so offsets some of the benefits, one reason a manufacturer
would reduce the purlin section size is that the Z45 steel is more expensive than say the Z39 so reducing the top and bottom flange on the purlins is a way of counteracting
that cost increase
we manufacture several shaped purlins of different heights, the roof purlin can also be of a different thickness, this is to suit various construction details in different
environments or situations, for example a 200mm deep rolled Z section at 1.4 mm thick may be to big for a construction detail so you may want to use a 150mm deep Z purlin at say
2.2mm thick, this phisical change in the roof purlin might be say 50mm in height but the strength of the roof purlin remains the same since the thickness of the roof purlin has increased,
it is because of this flexibility that cold rolled steel members have been so successful and are now used through out the world in all kinds of construction

About ICS

Were specialist manufacturers of cold rolled sections like z purlins and cladding rails, our factory in Newcastle tyne & wear which is a purposely built rollforming facility with easy access to the A1 motorway north & south of the country, we are a family run business and have been rollforming building products since 1990, we have recently introduced several new sections for use in the construction and automotive industry and have the capacity to roll bespoke products we have manufactured the associated building products for 20 years, during this time we have gained a wealth of knowledge within the industry and we use this knowledge to give a compete profesional service We manufacture steel structural sections and galvanized steel eaves beams for roofs, walls. We also manufacture a full range of roof panels, roofing sheets and cladding ma